August 10, 2015 | Favorites
Cucumber Welcome
from the Gaglio family at Osteria Salina in Wainscott

Serves 6 a refreshing welcome

4 Kirby cucumbers, 4 to 6 inch size.
Good olive oil  (We use Frantoio from Compania)
Crushed pepper
Malden salt

Chill farm fresh Kirby cucumbers till really cold. Peel and slice in 1/3 thick inch circles.  Drizzle with Frantoio or Sicilian olive oil. Sprinkle fresh coarse cracked black pepper from a mill.

Just before serving, sprinkle with Malden salt you crush in your fingers. Sparingly. (Do not use kosher, or any iodized salt or sea salt as it will cause the cucumber to give up its water. Use only Malden). Serve immediately.