I am not a recipe writer.  But I once cooked every weekend, almost always from recipes: Craig Claiborne's first New York Times Cookbook won cheers at my table. I have never made anything from a Marcella Hazan cookbook that wasn't delicious. I cooked from Michael Field's Cooking School book and Simca's Cuisine too. Julia's three page recipes were intimidating but I mastered a few of them too and over the years collected three shopping bags full of tangled clippings I can't bring myself to throw away.

        In the olden days everyone stole recipes, or perhaps we should say…forgot where they got their favorites…. added an ingredient and called it their own. I am probably guilty of that larceny myself.

        But the recipes here are dishes I did cook and still do. I might add more as I collect them from my friends who cook all the time. 

Cheese Wafers from Mitch
Crab Toasts With Sriracha Mayonnaise by Jean-Georges Vongerichten
Cucumber Welcome from Osteria Salina in Wainscott
Guacamole from Dos Caminos


Carrot Apple Ginger Soup by Lee Harman
Cesare's Zuppa Mia
Citrus Fruit Soup with Dates and Mint by Joan Nathan
Corn Soup with Sauteed Scallops and Bacon
Easy Ramen
Infidelity Soup with Turkey and Winter Vegetables
Katherine Schub's Cool Peach and Tomato Bisque
Morning After Fruit Soup
Plum Soup
Pumpkin Bisque by Kaitlin Hill
Sweet Potato Soup by Kaitlin Hill
Warming Soup by Lauren Bloomberg

Ensalada de Camarón from Zarela

Spicy Fruit Salad by Yvan LeMoine

Grilled Peach Salad by Kaitlin Hill

Almost Like Mom's Macaroni and Cheese

Arthur Schwartz's Pestos
Bacon and Baby Kale Stuffed Pork Roast

Beef Stroganoff
Butternut Squash Casserole
Chicken Fines Herbes by Kaitlin Hill
Chicken, Roasted with Greens and Toasted Bread, by Judy Rodgers of Zuni Café

Danish Meatloaf

Duck with Figs
Fireplace Grilled Marinated Chuck Steak from Arny by Jonathan Waxman
Garganelli Mac'N'Cheese with Roasted Jalape
ños and Bacon

 Green Risotto
Guilt Free Calzone from Arthur Schwartz
Lemon Yogurt Grilled Leg of Lamb

LT Burger's East End Pile Up
Mock Linguine Carbonara
Mushroom and Cream Cheese Strudel
Pan-Seared Cod with Duck Confit by Arnaud Daguin
Raw Tomato Sauce for Pasta
Scallops with Salsa Cruda and Gremolata
Sweet Squash Risotto by Cesare Casella
Swordfish with Tomatoes

Spicy Turkey Chili by Ana Lopez


Buttermilk Biscuits by Hillary Davis
Cabbage Noodles by Rozanne Gold

Cold Curried Rice

Green Risotto
Parmesan Glazed Fennel
Potato Pancakes with Salmon Caviar by Eddie Schoenfeld
Plum Rum Conserve
Skillet Cornbread from American Masala from Grandma by Suvir Saran

Sweets & Desserts
Almond Crescents
Almost Flourless Caramel-Lacuered Chocolate-Peanut Torte by Suvir Saran
Apple Cake from Marie-Hélène by Dorie Greenspan
Apple-Chestnut Ice Cream

Apple Crisp by Rose Levy Beranbaum

Apples to the 3rd Power by Rozanne Gold

Biscotti: Josephine’s Candied Orange and Dark Chocolate Cookies
Black and White Cookies by Kaitlin Hill
Blueberry Swirl Ice Cream by Kaitlin Hill
Chocolate Wickedness
Chocolate Big Bite Cookies by My Mom Saralee
Classic Chocolate Cookie Ice Box Cake by Peter Kunz

Cocoa Brown Butter Sea Salt Cookies
by Ana Lopez

Cranberry Ginger Scones from the Kitchen of Inn at Little Washington
Fage FroYo by Yvan LeMoine
Healthy-ish Donuts for Teddy by Lauren Bloomberg
Lemon Glazed Tea Cakes from Ella, Tallahasse, Florida by Molly O'Neill
Low-Fat Fruit Crumble by Grandma

Marie Gachet's Pillow by Anne Daguin
My Ex-Sister-in-Law's Orange Pour Cake

My First Cheesecake
My Guy Mixed Berry Pie
My Celebration of Fruit from Vicki Polon

Nutella Stuffed Donuts by Eva Knezovic
Pie Crust by Benjamin Baird Deutsch in a Blueberry Pie by His Mom
Pineapple-Mango Upside-Down Cake by Yvan Lemoine
Sea Salt Chocolate Chip Cookies by Kaitlin Hill
Silver Palate Carrot Cake
Summer Berry Pudding from Florence Fabricant
Waste Not Cranberry Sorbet by Rozanne Gold
Warm Chocolate Cake by Kaitlin Hill
Zarela's Frozen Lemon Torte

Cesare's Spritzer
Cool as a Cucumber: Blue Smoke's Porch Swing and Bubby's Watermelon Lemonade
Pisco Sour - Pineapple Piscojito


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