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Gael Greene

    Read about Gael Greene by clicking here or contact her via email here.


Steven Richter

    Steven Richter, sometimes known as the Road Food Warrior, is my resident carnivorean and took most of the photographs on this site. He is a street photographer, my companion for more than twenty years. And like so many others people we know, he’s a critic too these days.

    He does digital shots at dinner under pitiful conditions but he has also allowed me to post here some of his travel journalism and also very moving work from his portfolio. All the photographs on this site are protected by copyright.

   A retrospective of his work was shown by The Aspen Institute in 2004. His photographs have appeared in Travel and Leisure, Food Arts, Diversions, Saveur, Aspen Magazine, New York magazine, Marie Clare/Italy, Self and elsewhere.

   You can see more of his work on line at www.laumont.com. When you come to the homepage Click on "Gallery" on the right side, select artists and then select Steven Richter.

   For information please email him at stevenrichternyc@aol.com.


DUROBI and Göran Billingskog

    Göran Billingskog never had any desire to spend intimate time with Elvis. But he shares with Gael Greene and Steven Richter their passion for great food. Goran’s list of favorite restaurants in New York is short but will only grow much longer with a teacher like Gael.

    Göran also has a passion for great interactive experiences and has worked on large financial web sites like American Express and Allstate, transactional e-commerce solutions like Hotelconxions.com, Tripotel and more.

   In creating the Insatiable-Critic.com website, Goran wanted to give readers access to Gael’s writing in a simple and stylized magazine format with a focus on Gael’s voice and Steven's photography. The website will be dynamically updated with every new entry from Gael. Extensive cross-linking between articles within the website gives the reader the option to jump from article to article and create their own unique reading experience.

   Contact Göran Billingskog with comments or questions via email here.

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