December 18, 2008 | Ask Gael
Give me some good French restaurants...

Dear Gael,

I'm meeting a friend from out-of-town for dinner. He is asking about good French restaurants in the city. Thought I should ask the expert...

        The best French restaurant is Le Bernardin – mostly seafood, very expensive. Jean-Georges is more fusion than French but excellent – very expensive at dinner, they offer a two-course $28 lunch in the formal back room with each additional dish at $12. It’s my lunchtime favorite. Also wonderful and expensive and very French: Daniel on East 65th. Daniel’s DB Moderne is less expensive and fun in the theater district. Daniel's wine bar Bar Boulud specializes in French charcuterie across from Lincoln Center. You need to go after eight when everyone clears out for concerts, opera, etc. Balthazar on Spring Street in Soho is fabulous-looking, more French than most brasseries in France – consistently good French food with some NY dishes too. Moderate prices.

Break an egg,
Patina Restaurant Group

Cafe Fiorello