December 19, 2008 | Ask Gael
Flirting with Englishmen...

Dear Gael,
        I recently became involved in a long distance relationship with an Englishman who is now coming to NY for the holidays. We are going to the Radio City Rockette's Christmas Spectacular on Dec. 27th - because he had never heard of the Rockettes and it is a thoroughly NYC Holiday event. And in this economy we needed a little bit of retro fun! But where do I take him for dinner after an over-the-top show like that! I don't want a serious restaurant but I do want good food - we are both Foodies. I also want something that he could not get in London.

Dear Joan,
        Given how hard it is to get a taxi, you might like to walk from Radio City Music Hall. You don't menton price range... obviously steps from the Rockettes isLe Bernardin, the best restaurant in NYC… it's perfect, you can talk, fabulous food, flattering light. I also like Bobby Flay's Bar Americain right around the corner on 52nd. Bobby's take on regional American cooking. Noisy. Crowded. Delicious food. A dark, sort of noisy wine bar with food that I love is Bocca di Bacco on 9th Avenue between 54 and 55th -- you could check it out on my web site for what I love to eat there -- two sitting across from each other at the bar could be very sexy. Italian, of course. You must reserve. Inexpensive. You are right near the Sea Grill below the skating rink at Rockefeller Center.  (Very expensive, but fun because it overlooks the skating rink. Although you want him to be looking at you, undistracted.) Ouest sounds French but it’s Tom Valenti's lush American food in a wonderful casual restaurant on Broadway and 84th. But you'd need a cab at an impossible hour.

Hope one of these is properly New York, and seductive too,


Cafe Fiorello