May 18, 2010 | Favorites

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5.12.10 Pain in the ash.Stuck overnight in Heathrow Hilton.Still,getting closer:AllBran&low fat yogurt. Missing Tunisia's great oranges No dates.

5.7.10 I hope I don't lose too much cred for not tasting camel,avlb in six dishes at Restaurant de Republique tody. Cous Cous, brochette, steak

5.7.10 Looks like Tunisia is where old iceberg lettuces go to die. Amazing.It's everywhere. Crunchy on the salad buffet@Dar Cherait in Tozeur.

5.7.10 I'm wild about a dish called ojja, soft scrmbled eggs with tomato sauce, fresh tomato chunks& t lunch,merguez sausage,cumin, caraway,garlic.

Chef at Sangho Hotel baked lamb in a jar for dinner tonight, with wonderful stuffed breads. A troop of French boys jumped into the pool.

5.3.10 I’ve not yet tasted a Tunisian cous cous as good as Paula Wolfert’s.

5.3.10 Tunisian restaurants begin w/giveaway olives,harissa paste (hot,hotter,hottest) to cool w/oliveoil, & sometimes small saucers of salad

5.3.10 Dinner in top rated seafood spot on Tunisan island of Djarba. Can’t order fish becuz custom is to cook till dry and flaky

5.1.10 Dragged guide from awful hotel buffet to little empty resto in Sfas,Tunisia.Tell him I want my omelet soft. "Baveuse,"sez waiter.And it was.

dinner@Le Corail in Sfax,Tunisia. Surrounded by smokers and chain smokers. Even a guy w/a pipe. I'd forgotten how awful that can be.

4.30.10 Curious abt the Ceasar salad: crunchy lettuce w/carrot,avocado,tomato, gruyere, chicken, pineapple, raisins,corn,walnuts,creamy dressing

Steven & I in Tunisia farmhouse inn, gorgeous round window, flyspecked, cracked, watching sun set like a fiery orange egg yolk.

4.29.10 what are tourists mostly French wearing in Tunisia: pedal pushers, women & men (sometimes w/short socks),me: Brooklyn Diner Tshirt

4.27.10 About to hv lunch in splendid restored house on farm: Top Chef Master fan spotted me at Roman ruins in Dougga: R U someone? she asks

4.25.10 Just the 2 of us dinner in town below hotel, streets like a stage set, cheese crepes,then panini with beef bacon & beef salami,tasting fake.

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