May 6, 2010 | Favorites

Top Chef Masters

4.29.10 Susur Lee lost his cool after the Quickfire on Top Chef Masters,but then, what a recovery! Read my blog on

4.27.10 About to hv lunch in splendid restored house on farm: Top Chef Master fan spotted me at Roman ruins in Dougga: R U someone? she asks:

4.23.10 I loved watching the chef reunion on BravoTCMasters Wed pls check out my blog on Bravo com Waxman cool cookie

4.18.10 Loved Ken Tucker's praise for TopChefMasters and my "amusing babble." (Entertainmt Weekly 4/16)

4.15.10 4 of us are rotating at the judges tale on this seasons TCMasters. I'll be back next Wednesday for dramatic reunion of returning masters.

4.10.10 Two days to tape a typical Top Chef Masters, long hours each day...then hours of editing.A full day&usually overtime for the judges

4.8.10 What it felt like coming back out west for top chef masters 2. Read my blog abut lastngt's show.

4.8.10 Abt lasngt's challenge on Top Chef Masters: A romantic duo for a first date: It needed to be sensuous and easy to eat. Susan and Tony did it.

4.8.10 It takes a certain confidence for a master to submit to possibly mess up on camera...they feel better, I think, to do it for their charity.

4.7.10 It looks like we judges are flip and easily swayed but we go back and forth and carry on quite a while till we finally come to vote.

4.7.10 It isn't easy criticizing master chefs to their faces. As a critic,I can just pat or pan without looking anyone in the eye...

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