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Come Say Hello to Me at One of My Appearances

From left to right: Jay Rayner, me, and James Oseland
I'm the meat of the sandwich with Jay Rayner (drinking coffee) and James Oseland from Saveur on the right

        Watch for me on reruns of Bravo’s "Top Chef Masters. " For ten weeks this summer I joined with host Kelly Choi and fellow judges – Saveur editor James Oseland and the London Observer’s restaurant critic Jay Rayner – to single out the best dishes and the most brilliant response to some wonderfully unlikely cooking challenges.  Each week for six weeks four chefs tried to outdo each other but only one won $10,000 each week for his or her favorite charity and advanced to the finals.  The challenges got rougher and full of twists and surprises till we finally agreed on the winner who took home $100,000 for his charity.  Watch for reruns on Bravo. To read the blow-to-blow chopping board antics and the blogs of the winners and losers, as well as my own, go to bravotv.com.



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