April 28, 2003 | Ask Gael

Where shall I go when I'm homesick for Ohio

        The ad said "For sale. A cozy 30 seat Greenwich Village restaurant with a romantic garden." David Page and Barbara Shinn didn't resist. Still fresh and cozy ten years later, Home Restaurant celebrates the same Midwestern-style roasted chicken with amazingly greaseless fried onion rings and grandma's chocolate pudding with the same gentle prices.

        Back on the new spring menu are rustic perennials like  beef short ribs with watercress and horseradish, Verna's old-fashioned simmered chicken with spring dumplings, and up-to-date seared sea scallops with mint-scented spring vegetable stew.  If the timing is right, a marvelous old-fashioned apple pie.

        To celebrate the first harvest of their new Shinn Estates Vineyard on Long Island, the proud winemakers are offering guests pre-release tastes from the barrel every Wednesday and Thursday through May15. And when the apples are good enough, there will be  marvelous  apple pie with a topping of sweet, buttery crumble.


20 Cornelia Street. 212 243 9579.