March 16, 2012


Pat Weaver responds to the arrival of Fork Play with a tribute to Benoit.


Dear Gael,


I was really jazzed when I opened my e-mail and saw that you were reviewing Ducasse.  I was hoping that things had improved for him.  I remember having one of the worst dinners ever at his restaurant in Monaco [Louis XV]As I read on I too thought the pigs feet and cassoulet would be too much and then remembered why the dinner in Monaco had been so terrible--I had ordered the cassoulet.  By the time I got to the profiterole I was in shock.  The best profiterole I ever had was in a restaurant on the second floor of a building in Montmarte.  My son was living in Paris and we all went for dinner (I forgot to say the dogs went with us but others had brought along their dogs too).  Oui, Oui, It seems that the dogs were much better behaved than most children in restaurants today. 


Back to the profiterole.  They were served family style on platters (bigger than a golf ball and smaller than a tennis ball) with pitchers of chocolate sauce here and there along the long table which were refilled as were the platters of profiterole.  Seems strange that you jarred my memory.  I realize this was probably at the end of the eighties but good food does not go forgotten.  And then the memory jarred and in came the Duckling a L'Orange.................but I'll save that for another day.


Thanks for a nice afternoon. 

Pat Weaver


Insatiable, The Book, Bby Gael Greene