A Gift For Your Eyes

Iris Prints on Watercolor Paper by Steven Richter


Barcelona Swing Girls

Venice Carnevale

Girl on a Bus

India Fabric Workers

Florence Market

Burano: Lace Maker

Paris: l'Ami Louis

Outside Market in India

Japan photo by Steven Richter

Japan... by Steven Richter

Japanese Translation: Richter

Masks: Steven Richter

Mao Wall: Richter

Moondance Diner: Richter

Istanbul Mosque: Richter

Pizzicheria: Richter

Shanghai Night: Richter

Park Walk: Richter

Woolmaker Tunisia: Richter

Layers on Wall by Steven Richter

Torn Posters by Steven Richter
Torn Posters by Steven Richter

Marilyn by Steven Richter

Ibu: Steven Richter

Giuliani: Richter

Street Reflection: Richter

Mona, Paris: Richter

Reflections: Richter

Rome Market: Richter
Rome Market: Richter

Prizzi, Sicily: Ricther

Under the Boardwalk: Richter

Cochin Fishing Boats: Richter

Harajuku Girls: Richter

Purple Water by Richter

Studio Wall: Richter

Japan by Richter
Japan: Richter

Shop Window Rome -- Richter
Shop Window Rome: Richter

Beijing Chef by Richter
Beijing Chef: Richter

Venice Medusa: Richter

Paris Jigsaw Girl: Richter

Istanbul Market: Richter

Houston St "Ladies": Richter

Delhi Wedding Hands: Richter

Nishiki Market Kyoto: Richter

Brick Wall NYC: By Richter

Three Antique Girls: By Richter

Paris Marilyn: By Richter

Paris Roses: Richter

Trash NYC: By Richter

Beijing: Richter
Beijing: By Richter

Market in Mérida, Mexico, 2008

Tokyo Girl, 2007

Beijing Dragons by Richter

Water Lilies

Market in Nice

Macao 1997

Chinese Times

Reflection: Hong Kong

Ek' Balam, Yucatan

Mao 1998

Naples Street Girl


Shanghai Boy


Houston Street

Flea Market at Vanves

NYC Starfuckers

Venetian Masks

Piazza Navona, Rome
; Bernini Sunglasses.

Hmong woman in Bac Ha Market in Sapa, Vietnam

Akemi Nishimura our hostress at Hiragiya Ryokan in Kyoto.

Gyoza (pork dumplings) at Tokyo Takashimaya

Tunisian Market

Berber Woman

Barcelona Puppet

Venice Carnevale

Richter: Cuzco Shaman
Cuzco Shaman

Tokyo Girl

Angkor Wat Sunrise

        You can purchase photographs from our photographer Steven Richter. "The prints are digital, scanned from my beloved Kodachrome, and printed on fine rag paper," Richter says. "The versatility of the ink jet process on this stock give the work its richness and presence."

        The larger size from an edition of 20: paper size 31" x 43"  image size 24" x 36" 

        The smaller size from an edition of 40: paper size 19" x 25," image size12" x 18"
For purchase information or an appointment, email me, Gael Greene, at insatiablegg@aol.com.

These photos may not be used without permission from Steven Richter.

Mask Shop in Venice

Mona Lisa by Stefano: Manhattan

Venice in the Snow

Belvedere Castle: Central Park

Benares Ghat

The Souk in Marrakesh

East Hampton Beach at Sunset

 Neon Statue Barcelona

 Laundry in Venice

India: Bollywood Poster

Paris: Notre Dame in Early Spring


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